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The world needs entrepreneurial students 
more than ever

Reactor Nexus is a 3-month long incubator programme for students with an interest in gaining entrepreneurial skills.


The world needs more impactful entrepreneurs and we plan on achieving that by pushing more students to dive right in.


Nexus isn't an accelerator nor just any incubator. We consider ourselves to be in the pre-incubator / incubator space. What this means is we don't require applicants to have any prior entrepreneurship experience nor a business idea.


That being said, Nexus is a cohort-based programme and has a cap to the number of participants. We adopt a rigorous selection process that holistically assesses students for suitability in contribution towards the cohort dynamic.


In essence, we select the best and brightest students and bring them from zero-to-hero in the startup space.

Take it as an internship, but it'll be in your own business.

How Nexus Works:

Nexus adopts a very strong focus on building.

We equip students with no-code applications that enable them to start building from Day 1.

While we understand the importance of theory, we believe that far less time should be spent on it as compared to doing. Throughout the programme, students will be continuously building and testing their solutions, resulting in learning that is much quicker than traditional development and validation.

Nexus is For:

1) Early-stage founders who have not yet reached a growth stage

2) Aspiring entrepreneurs who have a business idea but are not sure how to start

3) Highly motivated individuals who want to pick up real-world skills and are interested in learning to solve problems

Who is eligible?

1) Between the ages of 17 to 24

2) Able to commit up to 8 hours per week

3) Currently studying in a local University, Polytechnic or Junior College

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