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Catholic Junior College | EntreCamp 2020


24 Contact Hours (8 session of 3 hours)

31 Cadets

Level 3 Senior High School/JC/Polytechnic


Conducted over 8 sessions, cadets from Catholic Junior College Investment & Entrepreneurship Society experienced our Level 3 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp programme.

The Reactor Entrepreneurship Programme – Level 3 aims to provide students with advanced levels of entrepreneurship and business creation experience via experiential hands-on activities. It is mapped to modules in the IB CAS Syllabus.

Throughout the sessions, students picked up technical skills and soft skills to execute their startup idea. From customer discovery to problem identification, students are exposed to the fundamentals of designing and running their startup from ideation to execution and lastly to elevator pitching.

One of the highlights of the programme is an activity called ‘Know your customer’. Students would need to understand and propose ideas to pitch to potential customers.

What Cadets have accomplished

Students manage to create a hardware prototype that demonstrates a high degree of feasibility and product-market fit. Students were able to understand their target market and propose prototype products to pitch to their customers.

The final session of the programme meant our signature Demo Day, where the ideas, prototypes and pitches were brought to life and delivered by the cadets to a panel of judges made up of their own teachers, and our trainers. In addition to the invaluable feedback received, the cadets walked away with a ready idea and prototype they could turn into an actual startup.

Ricardo, stepping up as the first team to present his idea, pLASTic which aims to cut down on plastic usage for package deliveries.


What our Cadets had to say

Ashley Chia

The eight sessions were very informative and eye-opening, I learnt so many things, especially with regards to financial projection, that I previously did not know.

Nadia Donita

I think it really shows me the process of how a new company starts, how complicated it can be. I learn a lot from this workshop especially the financial projection part”

Len Min Li

I have learnt how to organise finances and appeal to customers better.” Jayden Heng

I learnt alot about creating a startup and gain a lot of valuable experience working with a relatively new team :)”

Xu Ziyi “Before I attended this workshop, I knew nothing about entrepreneurship. However, after attending Reactor’s entrepreneurship workshop, I learnt so much more and professional knowledge.”


For more information on EntreEd programmes, visit us here.


Written by Sherman Tham

Sherman is the Alumni Outreach & Engagement Manager at Reactor School.

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