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DILEN | EntreCamp 2021


18 Contact Hours

81 Cadets

Level 3 Senior High School/JC/Polytechnic


Conducted over 18 hours worth of sessions, cadets from DILEN experienced our Level 3 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp programme.

The DiLen EntreCamp facilitated by Reactor School last June 16-17, 2021 has been successful. It was composed of 2 sessions with a total of 18 hours and participated by 81 cadets in 25 squads. The programme received a high mean rating of 9.09 according to the rate given by the participants while they rated the trainer with the mean results of 9.43. The programme received 8.81 ratings for the likelihood to be recommended by the cadets to their friends or junior.

The camp taught the students about the essentials of entrepreneurship and had activities that could help improve their entrepreneurial-related skills. The participants were divided into teams wherein they could work and communicate together using Discord, Miro, and Thinkific. These new digital tools have helped them to understand more about being a digital entrepreneur.

During the demo day, the cadets were tasked to present their pitch videos regarding their startup ideas. At the end of the programme, the students shared feedback and how they enjoyed the activities and appreciated the knowledge they have gained.

Using discord, students communicated and complete the assignments completed

on Miro and Thinkific, and have shared that these new digital tools have helped

them to understand more about being a digital entrepreneur.

What Cadets have accomplished

During the DiLen EntreCamp by Reactor School, the students learned about the essentials of entrepreneurship that they could use in their future endeavors. They were also grouped into teams and were tasked to plan a pitch deck to be presented at the end of the boot camp. Using discord, students communicated and completed the assignments on Miro and Thinkific. The students realized the importance of using efficient digital tools and that helped them understand more about being a digital entrepreneur. All the teams were tasked to put together an abridge slide deck, which would require them to pre-record their pitches.

Despite the challenges like tech unfamiliarity and poor internet connectivity, the students were still able to accomplish amazing presentations for demo day! The winning teams were given virtual booths to showcase their pitch video and pitch deck to investors and other prospect startups from other countries. On the other hand, the other participants get to listen and post questions to the presenters.

Overall, the students gained new skills and knowledge that could be useful in their future entrepreneurial plans.


What our Cadets had to say

Jeremiah Ling Kang Ng

“This was one of the most stressful yet fun experiences I have had in a camp. Keep doing what you are doing as you have definitely inspired me!”

Reshyini Nisha Kanan

“Thank you to the facilitators. You guys are so friendly. I really like how you guys help us a lot. You

guys are just very knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing that knowledge you guys have. I love this program.”

Elizabeth Juana

“I want to thank all of the mentors who are willing to guide us and teach us during this program. I really appreciate their enthusiasm. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to experience this kind of workshop :)”

Young Mullyagel

“There are a lot of things I learned because you can see other team's presenting their own ideas as well as the mockup. From there, you can open up your mind.”

Aelwyna Delwynn Felix

“It is a very great amazing programme where you can experience it like no other people who never even like to look up to this programme. Even though it's complicated, it is a fun and amazing programme to like at least once.”


For more information on EntreEd programmes, visit us here.


Written by John Carlo

John is the Digital Marketing & Community Executive at Reactor School.

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