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VERSO | EntreCamp 2021


24 Contact Hours (8 session of 3 hours)

31 Cadets

Level 3 Senior High School/JC/Polytechnic


Conducted over 8 sessions, cadets from VERSO International School experienced our Level 3 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp programme.

The Reactor Entrepreneurship Programme – Level 3 aims to provide students with advanced levels of entrepreneurship and business creation experience via experiential hands-on activities. It is mapped to modules in the IB CAS Syllabus.

Throughout the sessions, students picked up technical skills and soft skills to execute their startup idea. From customer discovery to problem identification, students are exposed to the fundamentals of designing and running their startup from ideation to execution and lastly to elevator pitching.

What Cadets have accomplished Students manage to create a hardware prototype that demonstrates a high degree of feasibility and product-market fit. Students were able to understand their target market and propose prototype products to pitch to their customers.

The final session of the programme meant our signature Demo Day, where the ideas, prototypes and pitches were brought to life and delivered by the cadets to a panel of judges made up of their own teachers, and our trainers. In addition to the invaluable feedback received, the cadets walked away with a ready idea and prototype they could turn into an actual startup.


What our Cadets had to say

Sandee Pattida Teplertbun

I thought it was a great experience and opportunity to connect with many other students and great entrepreneurs. I would suggest this to my friends who are interested in business and cultivating entrepreneurship skills through face-to-face conversations.

Iysa Pichayanat Pornprasertsom

It opened many opportunities and a very good experience to have in your life and if you don’t experience this I’d say you’re missing out.

Trisha Gulati

I thought it was a very helpful learning experience for me and also the prize gave me validation for the business idea I was interested in doing. I would tell them all the things I got out of it and what they would get out of it too knowing them well. Shanudom Impat

This was no normal seminar, this was the best seminar I have gone to. I connected with people, do some cool stuff. This was by far the best seminar I have gone to, and trust me I’ve gone to many.

Baimon Seneewong Na Ayudhaya It was a good experience and I would encourage a friend or fellow student by maybe showing the past experiences so they could know what’s it’s like and how people felt there.


For more information on EntreEd programmes, visit us here.


Written by John Carlo

John is the Digital Marketing & Community Executive at Reactor School.

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