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Year In Review: A Curation of Entrepreneurship Resources For Educators

Dear Educators and Students,

How would you describe 2020 in a few words?

‘It’s fine.’

Right here at Reactor School, the team found the past year of 2020 to be deeply rewarding, empowering and nurturing (read: REN for short). In spite of the initial shortcoming and struggles we faced, in hindsight, there were many notable experiences for us in the year of the pandemic.

The Year we went Virtual

Meme-fied example of a virtual class.

For starters, this was the year Reactor School went virtual. #Shoutout to our training ops and learning experience design team who recreated our signature Reactor Experience in virtual form, by adapting our engaging, interactive and hands-on activities for online learning.

We were excited to launch our first ever open-registration, virtual entrepreneurship bootcamp — Reactor EntreCamp: Asia Virtual Edition, which saw over 30 students from across the Asia Pacific ideating, prototyping and pitching innovative solutions to real-world problems in Dec 2020.

Who knew that virtual interaction could be that impactful? No really based on student feedback, we were relieved and thrilled to attain a 83% engagement rate despite the lack of face-to-face interaction.

Read more about Reactor’s switch to virtual in our 2020 Summary on how in-person teaching vanished, and what we did about it.

Student Engagement Rating 2019 v 2020. Credit: Reactor School

Since the circuit breaker episode led to a virtual transformation of the entire company, the marketing team has been curating best-in-class practices for virtual Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) to support our educators with Home-Based Learning — profiling stories on our alumni entrepreneurs that continue to create impact in their startups, and crafting op-eds analysing the ever-changing VC & innovation trends across the ASEAN region.

Since our early days, Reactor has sought to be a reliable support system for educators and students, hoping to be a credible thought leader in entrepreneurship & innovation. We are incredibly grateful for the support and trust of our Reactor Educator Network (REN) community, students, investors and partners especially in such a trying year.

Resources to support Educators during COVID-19

In March 2020, the marketing team formally launched the Reactor Blog and began to craft case studies, commentary and opinion pieces for our Home-Based Learning (HBL), Alumni in Action and Reactor Changemakers series. We also covered themes of social entrepreneurship (a key topic among our youth startup founders), the impact of COVID-19, and defining key entrepreneurship trends in Singapore and Asia.

For your easy reference, here is a list of key articles we hope will be of help to you, both in 2020 and beyond:

Link to the Reactor Blog:


Home-Based Learning (HBL):

Alumni in Action Stories:

Reactor Changemakers:


Webinars for Entrepreneurship Educators

Webinars For Educators by Reactor School. Credit: Reactor Educator Network

In July, we launched Webinars For Educators, a series of entrepreneurship-centred webinars aimed at educators who are interested in improving learning experiences for their students in a virtual environment. ​

Link to the webinar recordings:

  1. Webinars for Educators Vol. 1: Conquering Home-Based Learning as an Educator

  2. Webinars for Educators Vol. 2: Best Practices for Designing an Entre-Ed Programme on Campus

  3. Webinars for Educators Vol. 3: Reactor Fireside Chat: From Student to Startup Founder

  4. Webinars for Educators Vol. 4: Digital Classroom Tools for Entrepreneurship Educators ​ ​

  5. Webinars for Educators Vol. 5: How to Introduce Product & User Experience Design to Students on Virtual Platforms

In addition, we launched an offshoot webinar for both educators and students, titled ’Webinars for Educators & Students Vol. 1: Understanding the Social Entrepreneurship Landscape’. Co-produced with Social Impact Catalyst, this webinar was specially tailored to members of our educator-student community who wish to dive deeper into the social entrepreneurship scene in Singapore.

We hope you have found our resources useful thus far. From all of us here at Team Reactor, thank you so much for your support for our journey and EntreEd programmes. Here’s to a better year ahead in 2021!

Kickstart the year with us at our Early 2021 repeat run of Reactor EntreCamp: Asia Virtual Edition, now expanded to include students aged 15-20!


Found these thought/commentary pieces and webinars useful for your learning or relevant for your school’s entrepreneurship programme? Why not write in to us and suggest what we should cover in 2021 at


Yours truly,

Just another Reactor Gen Z Marketing Intern

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