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Yishun Junior College | Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


12 Contact Hours

70 Cadets

Level 3 EEP Programme

Conducted over 4 sessions, cadets from Yishun Junior College's (now Yishun-Innova JC) Maker's Academy Club experienced our Level 3 Entrepreneurship Exploration programme.

Reactor Trainer in training

The first session brought the cadets through the process of empathising with the user, identifying real-world problems they were passionate about solving, as well as practicing Divergent Thinking in their Ideation process.

In session two, our trainers and facilitators introduced various ways of rapid prototyping with both digital and physical resources to build wireframes and minimum viable products. This was followed by an interactive activity about the importance of Customer Discovery, as well as Business Proposal writing.

Group Presentation/Elevator Pitch

Session three saw the cadets plunging into the deep end, delving into crafting and delivering their first elevator pitch. Thereafter, they worked on perfecting their prototypes, and learnt about the concept of a Start-Up Validation Board.

YJC 2018 EEP Group Photo

The final session of the programme meant our signature Demo Day, where the ideas, prototypes and pitches were brought to life and delivered by the cadets to a panel of judges made up of their own teachers, and our trainers. In addition to the invaluable feedback received, the cadets walked away with a ready idea and prototype they could turn into an actual startup.


What our Cadets had to Say

'Lessons learnt are highly valuable and can be applied to life. Beyond looking at its practical benefits, I think that the workshop has also enabled us to look into our strengths and weaknesses, as well as promote bonding with our peers.' — Jared

'I love the fact that there were prizes that would really attract everyone to participate and activities that are engaging and beneficial at the same time.' — Rui En

'The best one I had all year.' — Gerard

'The trainers were very enthusiastic with activities to prevent us from being bored.' — Brandon


Written by Elaine Yeoh.

Elly is the Head of Marketing & Lead Designer at Reactor School.

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