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Entrepreneurship Education Programmes For Students Age 13 to 24

Entrepreneurship Education Programmes

For Students Age 13 to 24

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The Reactor Experience

Cultivating the Galaxy's Best Young Founders 

Our Core Values 

Inculcated in every Reactor Student

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Learn Startup Skills

Students will pick-up transferable skills that can be applied to school life or internships, including design thinking, prototyping, and delivering a business pitch. These 21st century competencies will help them succeed in their future careers, whatever they choose to be.

Reactor Entrepreneurial Education

Gain Industry Exposure

Students will get the chance to learn from tech co-founders, and be exposed to the latest in science, technology and engineering trends. Our Education & Career Guidance (ECG) team will also provide post-programme support to student alumni who embark on their startup journey.

Entrepreneurial Education for students

Easy for Schools 
to Implement

Our modular syllabus makes it easy for any school to adopt and implement as part of their curriculum. Our EntreEd programmes are perfect as an enrichment course during the school holidays, as part of a co-curricular activity, or even as part of post-exam engagement.

Entrepreneurial Education for students

IB and AP 

Reactor Schools’ curriculum is aligned to IGCSE Enterprise (0454), International Baccalaureate (IB) Business and Management, as well as Advanced Placement (AP) Entrepreneurship. This helps schools to seamlessly introduce our programmes into the school calendar.

Entrepreneurial Education for schools
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Our Programmes


Curriculum Overview

The 5 Stages of Entrepreneurial Development

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Our Programmes 

Our Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) programmes can be delivered in 3 age-appropriate levels;-

  • Secondary / Junior High School Level: For Ages 13 to 17
  • Pre-University / High School Level: For Ages 17 to 19
  • University / College Level: For Ages 20 to 24

Entrepreneurship Awareness

Programme (EAP)

This is an introductory, once-off programme to expose students to tech & start-ups. Schools may choose between a Learning Journey or a sharing by an entrepreneur.
  • Designed for Students

    Single-Session; 1-3 Contact Hours
  • In-Class, Hall or Field Trip
  • No Prerequisites Required
  • Suited for Ages 13-21 (Approx)
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Entrepreneurship Immersion

Programmes (IEP)

This is an intensive 5-day programme that imparts the fundamental and intermediate levels of entrepreneurial education to students.

Designed for Students

  • 5 Sessions over 5 Days
  • 28 Contact Hours
    • Instructor-Student Ratio of 1 : 20
  • Suited for Ages 15-21 (Approx)
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Our Schools 

Hear what our school leaders and educators have to say about their students joining one of our programmes.

From Bangkok to Jakarta, Singapore to Dubai, Reactor has delivered Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) programmes for more than 55 schools and 6,000 students across Asia. 

“Through a unique blend of e-learning and hands-on workshops structured around real-life scenarios, students were able to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and better appreciate the value of asking questions, whilst honing their problem solving and presentation skills. The students would recommend the workshop to their peers, which is a testament to the effectiveness and professionalism of the team of trainers from Reactor.”
St Nicks Logo

Mr Loh Chih Hui
Vice Principal (Acad 1) 

St. Nicholas Girls' School Sec 2 Bootcamp

Facilitators did a good job. I like the structure that you all came up with and the marketing collaterals. Really outstanding compared to most of the vendors we work with who're not interested in the before and after/ genuine education. The vision is sincere and important. please keep at it :).”
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Ms Joyce Teo 
St. Joseph's Institution

Reactor Startup Immersion for Educators (RSIE) Participant 


Had a great time learning about the entrepreneurial programme. I can actually feel a personal high going through the programme. I can now better appreciate the trials and tribulations what our entrepreneurs or small businesses go through. The trainers were great, friendly and know what they are doing. Will definitely recommend this to schools and even primary schools. Keep it up folks!
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Mr Roslee
Wellington Primary School, HOD (ICT) 

Reactor X CWSS COE Design Thinking Educator Meetup Participant


“Grab worked with Reactor on GrabSchool, a regional program that provides a platform for drivers' children to develop soft skills in teamwork and communication, prompts them to think about what the future holds, and guides them through the design thinking approach to innovation. As our Singapore training partner, Reactor designed a program that was uniquely suited to the age range and background of our participants. We transported 80 children to the year 2064, in which they were challenged to design and build the car of the future. In addition to overwhelmingly positive feedback on the program, over three-quarters of the children pledged to approach daily life differently and actively solve problems around them. We're excited at the prospect of working with Reactor again to bring entrepreneurial thinking to more children in Singapore.”
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Shuo Yan 


“It is definitely an enriching learning journey because I am able to link some actual products/processes created by DBS to the idealization effort of the different project teams. I am able to share with my students the importance of being inquisitive as this is the starting point to help solve real life issues. The best innovator is not someone who come up with the most powerful product features but someone who help to solve real life issues and make things easier for everyone.”
Hong Kah Secondary Logo

Mr Ng Boon Teck 
Hong Kah Secondary School 

Reactor MOE Educator Learning Journey to DBS Asia X

& Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Asia's leading Entrepreneurship Education (EntreEd) programmes for students age 13 to 24.

What is your class size?

We maintain a instructor-to-student ratio of 1:20 i.e. for every 20 students, there will be at least 1 trainer or facilitator. Beyond 35 students, we would encourage the school to break the class into 2 smaller classes, for an optimum learning experience. 

Are your trainers and facilitators accredited?

Yes. All our Trainers have an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), and/or passed the Reactor Certified Trainer (RCT) course or equivalent. All Facilitators have passed the Reactor Certified Facilitator (RCF) course or equivalent. All teaching and adjunct teaching staff are registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Instructor Registration System (IRS).

Do you have a differentiated curriculum?

Yes. Curriculum and learning objectives are differentiated, allowing subject matter and lesson pace to be catered to students’ abilities and learning speeds. Before a class starts, a member from our Reactor Experience Team will work with the teacher-in-charge to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for the students. 

Are your programmes tailored to different age groups?

Yes, are our programmes & learning outcomes are tailored according to 3 age-appropriate levels:

  • Secondary / Junior High School Level: For Age 13 to 17
  • Pre-University / High School Level: For Age 17 to 20
  • University / College Level: For Age 19 to 24

Please speak with someone from the Reactor Experience Team to find out how the syllabus differs for each of the 3 age-levels.

Do you charge on a per class or per student basis?

The Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) and Entrepreneurship Exploration Programme (EEP) is charged on a ‘per class’ basis. The Reactor Certified Educator (RCE) course is charged on a ‘per educator’ basis.